ALBUM REVIEW: Traitors – Anger Issues

Release Date: February 16th 2018
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available


With a title like ‘Anger Issues’, you’re unlikely to imagine yourself sitting around having afternoon tea while listening to Traitors‘ new album. The technical genesis of the dark and doom of metal revolves around being as heavy, guttural, and visceral as possible. What separates those that reach the heights of touring the world and touring their own back garden is incorporating speed and technical prowess while changing up into other metal styles.

Traitors do the doom, the gloom, the deepest and endless darkness extremely well, but there are times when the normal head bangs that come with hair swirling and stage diving becomes a swaying boat on the sea. It’s not tame by any means and constantly continues with its viciousness into reminding us that everything is diseased, dead, or dying.

Every song starts with emphatic enthusiasm and confrontation about how disastrous things are, but as the songs extend they slow down to a stop start ritual. There are added background effects to increase the drama of certain parts, but it’s regularly a high wail or distorted guitar.

The composition is well executed, but the dark and heavy distortion with a powerful kick drum ensure that the chaos is more than apparent to be the central theme.

‘Short Fused’ gives the best variety and impact of the album, starting off with angry growls and distant distorted guitars. It then continues with a pounding bounce of heavy guitars backed with kick drums for extra impact, while the confrontational lyrics continue to be spat in our faces.

This album is certainly a purist’s dream, but with bands incorporating dark elements into segments of their songs and adding extra weapons into their arsenal to thrill and excite listeners, ‘Anger Issues’ stagnates and collapses with the slowing of its own kick drum.