ALBUM REVIEW: Timelost – Gushing Interest

Release Date: February 26th 2021
Label: Church Road Records
Website: None available


Returning with ‘Gushing Interest’, Philadelphia’s Timelost have spent the past couple of years crafting their own sound, one that borrows from a range of 90s influences. Whilst they may have touched on their sound on their debut record, ‘Gushing Interest’ aims to refine it.

As lingering melodies and shoegaze fuzz opens ‘Better Than Bedbugs’, guitarist and vocalist Shane Handal delivers an effortlessly hook laden vocal performance. Immediately setting out their loose and claustrophobic blend of shoegaze and grunge, Timelost drag shimmering melodies into a wall of distortion with reckless abandon.

Whilst ‘Better Than Bedbugs’ finds the group at their most streamlined, ‘Deep End Of The Cut’ takes a more dynamic approach, and by moving between bursts of driving energy and moments of calm, the track digs deeper into the collective influences of the group. Dismissing the standard approach to structure, ‘Deep End Of The Cut’ highlights that Timelost are at their strongest when unrestrained.

Picking up the pace from its predecessor’s sparse coda, ‘Alone, Clean, And Slow’ pins melancholic lyrics on top of urgent drum patterns, psychedelia tinted melodies and pedal heavy guitars to create a crushing counterpoint to the more economic ‘Your Ghost Will Be Happy’. Simple yet effective, the track uncovers the power pop influences that run alongside the thick walls of guitars.

Closing the record with ‘T.K.O.’ and a rendition of ‘Love My Way’ (originally by The Psychedelic Furs), Timelost show off their multi-faceted soundscape. Whilst ‘T.K.O.’ delivers an unexpectedly heavy backdrop to Handal‘s melodic vocal performance, ‘Love My Way’ revels in swimming melodies and bouncing guitars to unexpected results.

Granted, the combination of shoegaze and grunge can be found across many groups, but Timelost deliver their throwback sound with earnest and executed with an effortless energy. With ‘Gushing Interest’, Timelost have refined their sound and have dug deeper to create a sophomore release that surpasses their debut.