ALBUM REVIEW: Tilian Pearson – Factory Reset

Release Date: April 23rd 2021
Label: Rise Records
Website: None available


Tilian Pearson has worn a multitude of musical hats over the years. Though he’s best known as one of Dance Gavin Dance‘s two vocalists, in the past he’s been involved with Saosin and Emarosa, and also fronted Tides Of Man for a time.

With all of these projects under his belt, Pearson has also been pushing a career as a solo artist for several years now, and with his fourth album, ‘Factory Reset’, he has set out to re-establish his own electro-tinged pop-rock, this time with a subtle nod to his prog origins intertwined throughout.

Opener ‘Holy Water’ takes things old school with a bit of a jazz infusion. Pearson is well known for his lighter than air, clean vocals, so their contrast with a deep slap bass works harmoniously. ‘Caught In The Carousel’ continues in this vain, with this retro futuristic track holding a nostalgic yet fresh feel.

Still, sometimes on this record, a song can feel like it has overstayed its welcome. ‘Dose’ starts out all fun and synths, but drags a bit with little deviation from the main melody. ‘All I Crave Is Peace’ is definitely experimental in certain aspects, but still feels long despite its average runtime.

Things feel a little more up-to-date with the album’s titular track, which sees Pearson throw some trap into the mix, and following number ‘Imagination’ brings forth a summery feel thanks to its more Latin vibe.

‘Factory Reset’ is as varied as Tilian Pearson‘s career, so it’s perfect for anyone who can’t quite decide what exactly they want to listen to, though it can be hard to grasp on its intended direction.

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