ALBUM REVIEW: Thousand Below – Gone In Your Wake

Release Date: October 11th 2019
Label: Rise Records


Hailing from Southern California stands Thousand Below, an iridescent post-hardcore quartet who are here to make sonic waves with their sophomore full-length release, ‘Gone In Your Wake’.

A charmed anthology of airy tracks with embellishments of modern rock and techno, Thousand Below‘s second album is a complex one.

Lead single, ‘Disassociate’, rears it’s relentlessly blistering head early on, screaming in all imaginable pitches. Vocalist James DeBerg splays out his vocal capabilities in a pool of shimmering, bloodied ink, overlapping clean, tender vocals with the likes of bruising screams. This track reigns powerful, leading the release into a perfectly gritty territory.

The strategic pairing of bass and drums (delivered by Josh Billimoria and Garrett Halvax) in ‘171 Xo’ infuses the track with a chugging tone, reinforcing the sinister, melancholy lyrical content explored, while their work in the likes of ‘Chemical’ elevates the more intricate sections to an unmistakable status.

‘The Edge Of Your Bed’ is perched in the midst of the release, bubbling gently below the surface. The lacing of acoustic guitars and lulling vocals is entrancing, almost like a lullaby among barbed expressions of chaotic emotion. DeBerg comments, “It feels better as an acoustic song from the lyrics and riffs, and we felt people would be able to take something from it.” This choice proved to be essential in the diversity of ‘Gone In Your Wake’, as this track splices the rest with a deserved comedown.

The band parted ways with lead guitarist Devin Chance right before entering the studio to record their this LP, leaving Thousand Below to adapt to a new instrumental environment. Despite challenges in the strings department, the likes of ‘The Other Side Of Things’ drive home the capability of this band, even in testing, evolutionary times.

Josh Thomas coaxes echoing guitars into the forefront of ‘Fake Smile’, puncturing its blackened preconception with fractals of transfixing blues, reds, and purples. The staggeringly heavy vocals don’t overpower their instrumental counterparts, rather complementing them coolly. This track peers above the rest, donning the title for catchiest of all.

It’s evident with this release, alongside their 2017 debut ‘The Love You Let Too Close’, that this band refuses to shy away from an exploration of genres. Thousand Below have their tattooed fingers in a multitude of musical pies, tingeing each of them with a pearlescent glow that will imminently enlighten a generation.