ALBUM REVIEW: The Skints – Swimming Lessons

Release Date: May 10th 2019
Label: Nurture Music


On their Facebook page, The Skints list their genre as being “nope”. The only other appropriate genre that they could list themselves as is “absolutely everything”.

The London genre-benders incorporate elements of funk, dance, electronica, post-rock, rap, ska, and reggae into their eclectic sound, and this comes into its own on ‘Swimming Lessons’.

‘Learning To Swim’ opens the album with a psychedelic ska-infused vibe. For most of the song, the instrumental is very chilled out, while the lyrics contrast perfectly with an air of paranoia, all before turning into a heavy rock number in the last minute.

Later track ‘Restless’ introduces an element of ska into the mix, eerily reminiscent of ‘Ghost Town’ by The Specials, and also features some rapped segments in its mid-section.

‘Get On Top’ changes the album up completely, holding more of a pop-rock vibe, with even more paranoid and socially aware lyrics about the rise of online advertisement, whilst ‘The Island’ offers a refreshing blast of punk energy and a politically aware commentary on the state of “the island”, presumably referring to the UK in its current climate.

The record comes to a close with ‘Stop Looking Back’. It’s a slow song, but it still fits in with the chilled out vibe that emanates throughout the majority of the album.

Ultimately, ‘Swimming Lessons’ is definitely a mixed bag on the style front, but The Skints definitely own every genre that they courageously take on.