ALBUM REVIEW: The Offering – Home

Release Date: August 2nd 2019
Label: Century Media Records


Refining their eclectic blend of metal, Bostonian quartet The Offering have spent the past four years building towards their debut full-length release.

After a year of writing, the quartet have created ‘Home’, a seamless mix of metal sub-genres that not only delivers riffs and hooks, but also gives an insight to where the genre could move towards in the coming years.

Opening statement, ‘Waste Away’, navigates around thrash grooves and tremolo breaks as blast beats charge underneath. Jarring and with little reprieve, the track mutates from lunging chords and staccato guitars into smooth legato melodies and open choruses. Regardless of the many melodic turns and various shades of metal that’s displayed, drummer Steve Finn creates an anchor for the track, albeit one peppered with attacking double kick patterns and claustrophobic fills.

On top of the frenetic and streamlined compositional style sits Alex Richichi‘s varied vocals, scuttling from low growls to high screams, the patterns on display give no time for rest. What sets Richichi‘s performance apart is his singing. Distinct and rich, his clean vocals take precedent for the record, delivering soaring hooks that navigate the frantic and diverse sound.

As the first third of the record follows their blueprint, as we reach ‘A Dance With Diana’, a new facet of the group emerges. Building on atmosphere, Nishad George‘s sinister guitar melodies and experimental approach to soloing help forge a new soundscape for the group to explore.

Comfortable with showcasing the heavier side of themselves, they spend the second half of the album fusing brutality with harmony. With tracks such as ‘Hysteria’ utilising melodic intervals to break up a stomping tremolo riff and a cappella breaks to offset the unhinged riffing and sprawling breakdowns.

Considering each track is dense and tightly written, it comes as no surprise that the titular and closing number is over fourteen minutes long. Defying the progressive runtime, the track flies through swinging thrash riffs and lush vocal beds, providing a breathless experience. Ending abruptly, the record ends with the promise that there’s plenty more for The Offering to explore.

Sharp and crammed with dynamics and melody, ‘Home’ is a record that provides multiple listens to completely appreciate. Providing a unique take on their influences, The Offering have created a record that will not only please fans, but hopefully give insight to what’s still possible in the world of metal.