ALBUM REVIEW: The Night Flight Orchestra – Aeromantic

Release Date: February 28th 2020
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Website: None available


Expanding into unexpected territory can lead to hits and misses. With each up to their own opinion, we see how Bjorn Strid of Soilwork‘s side-project The Night Flight Orchestra fairs on their latest release, ‘Aeromantic’.

Beginning with a foreign language of distorted spoken words and 8-bit synths, you’re never sure what comes next; whether it be a hurtling whiplash of deathcore or plunging dub step bass lines. Instead, we’re greeted with a retrospective soundscape of symphonic sounds and soft guitars that create a mystical and ethereal atmosphere for ‘Servants Of The Air’.

Taking the 80s cheese up to the maximum, the title-track fuses classic rock with electro-pop that blends David Andersson‘s anthemic solos with rapid keyboard synths that come close to create an uplifting and euphoric feeling but fall short of the mark.

Toning down the tempo to love ballad realms, on ‘Golden Swansdown’ you can envisage a teenage school disco with people in platform shoes and flared jeans swaying from side to side. While this is indeed a variance in tone, the whole thing is weighed down by how little substance there is from track-to-track to give anything individual meaning.

Attempting to inject some late drama, ‘Dead Of Winter’ expands out with expressive vocals from Strid, who has a consistent and solid range, but is restricted by lacklustre and generic rhythms from the background instrumentation that it becomes a repetitive and stale experience.

While this could be an interesting back and forth of styles from the 80s to the present day, it lacks any diversity or excitement to even incur a slight tingling of any feeling other than “Oh no, not more of this”. Ultimately, ‘Aeromantic’ is regrettably an underwhelming album.