ALBUM REVIEW: The Last Ten Seconds Of Life – Machina Non Grata

Release Date: January 11th 2019
Label: Unsigned


Despite being a band for nearly a decade now, little is known about Pennsylvania’s The Last Ten Seconds Of Life. Still, an elusive quality can do wonders to draw attention to a band or artist. The band are now four albums deep, and latest effort ‘Machina Non Grata’ sees them continue their vendetta of doom.

Excreting like a live laparotomy, ‘The Impossible Product’ echoes with esoteric demonism, and a writhing onslaught of guitars and pounding rhythms that are an endless onslaught. Rather than relying on speed to portray the outright aggression, this is just an acute impact of confrontational instruments circled with guttural vocals that ensure a full virile experience.

Conducing murderous pain and pleasure, ‘Aphrodite’ has the first lighter break in the album while still remaining on the precipice of puritanical chaos before resounding out on a chant of “Now they burn, always and forever”.

Taking us back to the days of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, ‘Sweet Chin Music’ is a writhing wall of pounding intersections and speed thrash mixed with shouting declarations of incoming violence before riling off in a macabre chant of deathcore dominance.

The record’s titular and closing track has encased within it conventional guitar solos that within the constant grind of distortion and writhing low resonances give breathing space for the track. This eventually culminates in a series of metal breakdowns and electronic synth work to its bursting climax.