ALBUM REVIEW: The Guru Guru – Point Fingers

Release Date: January 31st 2020
Label: Luik Records/Grabuge Records


When we spoke with them earlier this year, Belgian rockers The Guru Guru said that “every member of our band has had his own demons to wrestle with during the writing of the album,” and we witness the outcome on their sophomore effort, ‘Point Fingers’.

‘Mache’ kicks the album off with a hypnotic assault. That sounds oxymoronic, but there’s simply no other way to describe the calming synths paired with the percussion played at the speed of a machine gun. After about a minute of this gradually slowing down, and we’re truly entranced, the song kicks right into top gear.

The band describe themselves as either psychotic rock or borderline rock, the former best being showcased on tracks like ‘Ex-Alexander’, ‘Delaware’, and ‘This Knee On Ice’, which are complete with energetic drumming, heavy fuzz-laden guitars, and pointed, scathing lyrics.

There are some softer and less deranged moments, however, like the short-but-sweet acoustic track, ‘And I’m Singing, Aren’t I?’, which acts as an oddly beautiful contrast to the absolute frenzy that preceded it. While still featuring the fuzzy guitar sound, ‘Know No’ is a much softer track in general, and keeps a pretty good balance of psychotic and beautiful.

The absolute highlight here is ‘Origamiwise’, which tricks you into thinking that it’s going to be a nice, soft song, but winds up being the best description of psychotic rock.

After the final track, ‘Poverbrigade’, which sounds like a dance floor filler in a horror movie, plays out the closing notes of the album, there’s nothing much left to say about this record. It sounds like it could be the soundtrack to a film that’s part high-school-teen movie, part psychological thriller, and part horror. Even though it’s early doors for 2020 yet, it’s safe to say that ‘Point Fingers’ will likely appear on a bunch of of Album Of The Year lists.