ALBUM REVIEW: The Faim – State Of Mind

Release Date: September 13th 2019
Label: BMG


For a band who’ve only been around since 2016 (originally named Small Town Heroes for about a year), Australian outfit The Faim have gone from strength-to-strength.

From a string of tour dates travelling all around the world and a die-hard fanbase to boot, it’s hard to believe this quartet are only just getting around to releasing their debut full-length album, ‘State Of Mind’.

Opener, ‘Tongue Tied’, introduces the record perfectly, demonstrating a real sense of growth from the band who began as a run-of-the-mill pop-punk group. There’s still a familiar sound of those origins present, but the overall finish is fresh. There’s a perfect blend of the likes of The 1975 meets Panic! At the Disco, whilst the beat’s infectiously funk vibe will no doubt create enough intrigue to make you want to continue listening.

For anyone who’s already familiar with The Faim, there’s a couple of tracks here that may ring a bell. ‘Summer Is A Curse’ is evidently one that the band are proud of, already serving as the title-track of their 2018 EP, and is a reminder to their past and how far they’ve come. It makes for a perfect addition for any new listeners who haven’t heard their earlier work.

Secondly, live favourite ‘Infamous’ has traveled with the band since the beginning and has been reworked numerous times, but it never quite found its final form until now. It’s evident just how this stands as a crowd pleaser, with its twinkling piano introduction and sing-along choruses backed up by Josh Raven‘s powerful vocals allowing the passion and history of this song to shine through.

As a record that demonstrates what stepping outside of your comfort zones and experimenting with a much broader range of sounds can achieve, there’s no denying that the first good chunk of the album makes for the perfect adrenaline fueled listen.

However, penultimate number, ‘Where The River Runs’, is one of the strongest standouts, and also one of the most stripped back too; a beautifully written ballad that touches on a much more personal and intimate level. The song explores the breakdown of family relationships in a mature, delicate way, and will surely be a song that a lot of listeners will resonate with too.

The ear worm of the record comes in the form of ‘Beautiful Drama’. The infectious lyrics hone back to the band’s pop-punk roots, creating those all-important catchy riffs, but the entire tone shows how this band are maturing year on year. There’s a very anthemic feel to it, and it’s likely that this is the track you’re going to remember most from ‘State Of Mind’.

One of the greatest achievements to come from this debut offering is the sheer impressive nature from each track. At no point does it feel like any song is mere filler – just ten tracks that could easily be a hit after hit, each possessing their own qualities to hold their own and should be an absolute credit to what they can do.

There was never any denying that The Faim are destined for great things. They’ve proved in such a short space of time what pure dedication and hard work can do, and, as debut album goes, ‘State Of Mind’ is as impressive as they come.