ALBUM REVIEW: The Dirty Nil – Master Volume

Release Date: September 14th 2018
Label: Dine Alone Records


Putting out three albums in three years is nothing to scoff at, but it also sets some apprehension into whether the band is choosing to work towards quantity more so than quality. Thankfully, Canadian trio The Dirty Nil manage to pull off both with third full-length, ‘Master Volume’.

Opening number ‘That’s What Heaven Feels Like’ brings with it a sort of Green Day-like grandiose feeling, with twangy riffs and deep riding bass alongside the band’s now signature sing-along choruses that throw you back to the care-free days when you were cruising around the streets on your skateboard.

There are riffs on the likes of ‘Bathed In Light’ where the band manage to juxtapose old school Mötley Crüe sounding riff perfectly with dissonant, downwards sounding chords with trills, bends, and tremolos all along with the odd pick scrape. Add in the occasional piece of feedback with these bouncy, stomping riffs and this band from Ontario, Canada bring a very exciting sound into the frame.

‘Please, Please Me’ is an in-your-face wall of noise that does’t sound too far from a cut off of a Cancer Bats record. It’s a short blast clocking in at just over two minutes, driven with screamed vocalists and motoring riffs. It’s easily the most extreme that The Dirty Nil dare to go on this record.

Another highlight here is ‘Auf Wiedersehen’. Starting the song off quiet and mellow, it slowly builds as it goes on with the chorus being full of emotion, as would expected from the title (which is German for ‘goodbye’), with vocalist Luke Bentham seemingly sending a parting message to a loved one.

The Dirty Nil manage to pull off a very big and impressive sound on ‘Master Volume’, and one that should soon see them reaping in some master rewards.