ALBUM REVIEW: The Courteeners – More. Again. Forever.

Release Date: January 17th 2020
Label: Ignition Records


Manchester trio The Courteeners have taken the country by storm since there formation in 2006. Already holding five UK top 10 albums, the release of ‘More. Again. Forever.’ marks the band’s sixth LP to be released in twelve years.

‘Heart Attack’ kicks off the record with a distorted bass line and a punky chorus. This 90s grunge influence shows that The Courteeners are not the band to create a generic millennial indie album, but actually understand the roots of their genre. Follow-up, ‘Heavy Jacket’, continues some of the grungy tone whilst mixing it with a softer pop chorus to ease you into the heart of the album.

The joyful composition, soft vocals, and relatable writing makes ‘Better Man’ one of the stronger tracks on offer here. Whilst technically there’s nothing especially unique or mind blowing about the music, there’s a great amount of intelligence in writing a catchy pop song with a chorus most of us can sing along to with some form of conviction.

‘The Joy Of Missing Out’ is a fast-paced spark of fun in the middle of the record; the racing drum beat and long held vocals are bound to get you moving and dancing. The shortest of the ten tracks, it’s a welcome brief change of pace, and this comes immediately before a heart felt slow jam that is ‘One Day At A Time’, a catchy lighter-waving balled that builds up as a climactic piece of music that could move an arena in harmony.

The rollercoaster tonal highs and lows end with the solemn ‘Is Heaven Even Worth It’. Classical string instruments, slow drums, and the calming vocals of Liam Fray ease you into a feeling of peaceful melancholy. This track acts as the peak of a record, written with a great amount of emotional intelligence.

‘More. Again. Forever.’ is a well blended album of grunge guitar riffs, fast drums, and smooth soulful lyrics. From track-to-track, the mood bounces up and floats down in a very natural feeling flow, and with it The Courteeners have once again proven that they know how to write an album that appeals heavily to the indie genre whilst not getting lost in the crowded market.