ALBUM REVIEW: The Bottom Line – No Vacation

Release Date: June 21st 2019
Label: Marshall Records


Presenting their sophomore record ‘No Vacation’ in the peak of summer has come as a smart move for London based pop-punk quartet, The Bottom Line.

Opener ‘Reasons’ sets the pace for rest of the record, as a heavy intro progresses into a super bouncy chorus. The song is ultimately a message about carrying on doing what you love whatever critics may think, a topic that most listeners should be able to empathise with.

If there’s one thing that The Bottom Line have a knack for, it’s writing a seriously catchy intro, none more so than in ‘Gone’. The opening guitar riff sounds very similar to All Time Low‘s ‘Something’s Gotta Give’, mixed with lyrics comparable to their US counterparts State Champs.

It’s refreshing to witness contemporary bands bringing back that sense of old school pop-punk and making it feel new again, whether that be for a new generation or for old fans to reconnect to what it was that made it such an appealing scene to be part of the first time round.

The standout offering slots neatly in the middle of the record in a track called ‘Doomed’. It’s the perfect sing-along tune, and within the first listen you’ll find yourself joining in with its infectious chorus. There’s a real sense of the significance this song holds as it captures a moment when the band were at a low point on a long tour, resulting in both them and their crew joining together to create this song.

What would a pop-punk album be without its healthy dose of a love song or two? ‘She Makes Me’ ticks this box early on. It resembles early Simple Plan vibes and brings back that nostalgia of what the genre was all about 15 years ago, and it runs perfectly alongside ‘Everything’. If you can imagine any popular high school rom com movie from the early noughties, this is the track that would fit onto that film’s soundtrack seamlessly. It’s a catchy boy-wants-girl story and a little bit cheesy, but in all the right ways.

If you’re after energetic, sing-along anthems to add to your summer soundtrack, ‘No Vacation’ is the one. How The Bottom Line haven’t quite fully broken out yet remains a mystery, but if this album is anything to go by then the bottom line is: this is a band you should be keeping your eyes on for big things to come.