ALBUM REVIEW: Swedish Death Candy – Are You Nervous?

Release Date: September 27th 2019
Label: Hassle Records


London’s Swedish Death Candy ask the question ‘Are You Nervous?’ in the title of their second album. If you’ve never listened to the band before, the answer should be “yes”. Their unique blend of genres and use of unusual timings are definitely not for your average music fan.

The album opens with fuzz-laden riff at the start of ‘Interstellar Love Machine’. The heavy guitars and distant-sounding vocals build into a massive chorus that would please any crowd. Somewhat ironically, ‘Slowly’ opens with a fairly fast-paced guitar arpeggio, and is over in two-and-a-half minutes, but it’s still one hell of a way to spend two-and-a-half minutes. ‘Always’ starts with an odd and uneasy synth and drum pattern before settling into a driving verse and a heavy chorus.

The longest song on the record, ‘Journey To The 13th Floor’, is also a highlight. The near eight-minute song starts with a fun, chaotic burst of energy, which is maintained for the first minute and a half, before a breakdown kicks in, followed by an eerie atmospheric section before screaming back into an energetic miasma of noise at the four-minute mark. It doesn’t even feel like an eight-minute song; it goes by really quickly.

The album comes to a close with ‘The Scream’, which opens with some startling, almost alien-like lead guitar lines, while the familiar controlled chaos continues behind it. The song will make you involuntarily nod your head to the beat, and it has the potential to build into a hectic outro, one to completely out-crazy anything that had come before it on the record. But, instead, the it’s relatively laid-back and just fades to black.

‘Are You Nervous?’ almost expertly blends elements from classic punk, doom metal, Brit pop, synthpop, and even classic 60s pop to create a very unique sound that can go from chaotic and urgent to laid-back and ambient seamlessly. While this album will definitely catch you off guard on first listen, be warned; after a few more listens, it turns infectious.