ALBUM REVIEW: Sundressed – Home Remedy

Release Date: September 18th 2020
Label: Rude Records


Complete with a solid line-up, Arizona’s Sundressed have returned with their second full-length record, ‘Home Remedy’.

Continuing to serve as an outlet for frontman Trevor Hedge‘s internal struggles, the sophomore release moves away from a solo outlet and more towards a group effort.

Busting in with the bass driven title-track, Sundressed deliver a tightly crafted power pop number to kick the record off. With winding melodies supporting Hedges‘ confessional lyrics leaning on many tropes of pop-punk, from snappy drum beats to over lapping gang vocals, the track is elevated by the sincerity that shines through its composition.

Continuing with the buoyancy, ‘Explode! (Into Pieces)’ and ‘No Thanks’ both continue to the ramp the energy up. The former jumps between saccharine melodies and jagged guitars, whilst the latter flies through its back and forth vocals before settling on an acoustic coda that seamlessly transforms the mile a minute track.

After the crashing ballad of ‘Is This A Drug?’ paying homage to acts like Weezer and Saves The Day, ‘Oh Please’ brings the band back to their strengths. Replete with crunching guitars, dense vocal melodies, and a brutally honest subject matter, the song crams multiple dynamic twists and turns in just over three minutes.

Moving back towards mid-tempo power pop with ‘Size Of My Heart’, the group tread similar ground as they did on ‘Is This A Drug?’. With the simplicity of the track outweighing the sincere song writing, it creates a lull in an otherwise streamlined record. Picking the energy back up with the snappy ‘Your Frequency’ and the rolling ‘The Facts’, the record weaves around the more restrained tracks.

Closing with ‘Beyond Repair’, tight palm-muting supports Hedge‘s impassioned vocals before jumping into a overdriven chorus. Playing with a well-worn blueprint, the track is littered with nuances from unexpected rhythms and false endings, and delivers enough variations to avoid becoming stale.

A streamlined release, ‘Home Remedy’ benefits from not only a brief run time, but also from a well-versed group of musicians behind the compositions as the record ultimately is more cohesive. Whilst the introverted nature of the record can wear thin at times, overall Sundressed have taken another step towards becoming a strong contender within the scene.