ALBUM REVIEW: Sullii – Me And My Absent Mind Again

Release Date: March 12th 2021
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
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Josh Rogers‘ endlessly endearing, earnest self-expression and exploration under the Sullii moniker, have amassed him quite a loyal, devoted cult following.

With that following comes several differing perceptions and perspectives, and on ‘Me And My Absent Mind Again’, the singer/rapper/poet has opted to address and dismantle any falsehoods pertaining to his well-being. He’s getting better, he’s healing, and he wants us to know it.

Following on from ‘You And Everything Blue’ and ‘Me And My Absent Mind’, this third instalment operates simultaneously as a sequel, threequel, and somewhat of a curtain call. While no stranger to revisiting and interpolating lyrics, entire tracks are revised this time around, with differing production, altered sonics, and re-evaluated emotions. Like someone retracing their steps or points made in a heated argument that they feel need to be corrected or clarified, it all links together in a constantly unfolding, non-linear narrative that Rogers expertly weaves through the Sullii character.

Where ‘Spirit’ once served as a cold, distant ballad with fluctuating piano, Aarigod‘s acoustic production reimagines the cut as an ethereal ode, replacing the original version’s frustration with restrained acceptance. The frosty nature of last year’s ‘Never’ even re-emerges with the thaw of spring on ‘Never Again’, imbuing the piece with a shimmery glimmer and more impassioned yet cool-headed cadence.

It’s the new cuts, however, that easily shine as some of Sullii, and, by extension, Rogers‘ best work to date. The increased guitar-centric production first truly hinted at on last year’s anthemic ‘Forgetter’ is a major departure from the ambient, minimal piano-led style of earlier releases.

In its place is a far bubblier, euphoric blend of pop-punk and trap, like on the thumping, tone-setting opener ‘Completely’, and the ludicrously catchy, serene single and standout, ‘Like Us’. That being said, the nothing,nowhere. featuring ‘Hidden’ has to be the darkest, most malevolent and brooding banger that Sullii has conjured yet, with its menacing witch-house vibe, occult synths, and thick, clattering percussion.

Addressing the newer material and re-worked tracks in a companion documentary, Rogers states that the purpose of these altered versions is to put certain confessions into different sonic context. What were perhaps initially conceived as negative, depressive pieces of expression have now taken on new meaning, with time healing old wounds and grief strengthening resolve, ultimately changing our perspective on events.

That’s where ‘Me And My Absent Mind Again’ sits, as both a sonically captivating and emotional retracing of Rogers‘ last project, and a nuanced, creative expansion of Sullii as a burgeoning, ever-maturing artistic entity.