ALBUM REVIEW: Stray From The Path – Smash ‘Em Up: Live In Europe 2019

Release Date: August 15th 2019
Label: UNFD
Website: None available


Live albums do tend to be a bit stale, especially for people who weren’t at the show in question, but Stray From The Path give it a proper twist and manage to easily jump that obstacle.

Back in March 2019, the hardcore favourites went on tour supporting While She Sleeps on their release run promoting their record ‘So What?’, and they recorded all of it. Or, at least parts of everything anyway, because ‘Smash ‘Em Up: Live In Europe 2019’ truly is ‘live in Europe’, with every song on the album stemming from a different show in a different city.

By doing this, not only do Stray From The Path showcase the continuous strength and power that they bring to every one of their gigs, but also the varying energy that they receive back from the crowds.

‘Smash ‘Em Up…’ perfectly represents the band’s catalogue up until that point, and proves why they’re one of the most important bands around today. Classics like ‘Outbreak’ and both parts of ‘Badge & A Bullet’ definitely shine through the track list, as well as anti-Nazi anthem ‘Goodnight Alt-Right’ kicking the whole thing off.

A special treat is added to the end with the recording of their performance at the Roundhouse in London of ‘First World Problem Child’, which is when they surprised the crowd with an appearance of Architects‘ vocal powerhouse Sam Carter for his verse in the song, adding even more fuel to the fire.

Typically, live albums and compilations get released in-between long stretches of their studio albums, but not with Stray From The Path, but we know that another full-length from these Long Island legends is just around the corner. Until then and the tours that follow, put this on and you can smash things up in your living room.

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