ALBUM REVIEW: Stray From The Path – Internal Atomics

Release Date: November 1st 2019
Label: UNFD


An album with the filthiest bass tones, most ridiculous drum fills, and rage filled anthem-like vocals of 2019 – New York’s Stray From The Path are back with what’s arguably their best record to date.

‘Internal Atomics’ is their ninth studio album, which sounds pretty ridiculous when you consider that they’ve only been a band since 2001. Nine records in 18 years is way more than most groups manage to cultivate in such a timespan, let alone their whole career. You’d think releasing album after album so quickly back-to-back would give a band a lack of room to improve, create, and expand, but Stray From The Path prove that theory to be oh so very wrong.

The record starts off slowly with frontman Drew Dijorio‘s distorted vocals uttering a haunting statement, “Thinking like everyone else is not really thinking”, which soon builds and eventually explodes into the rager that is ‘Ring Leader’. Following that is single ‘Kickback’, which features some vocal help from long-time friend and regular touring accomplice, Brendan Murphy (Counterparts).

The band have all-in-all released four singles ahead of dropping ‘Internal Atomics’ (almost half of its full track list), but if you think that’ll make the listening process of the whole creation any less exhilarating, you’re sorely mistaken. Don’t worry about picking your jaw up from the floor at any point, it’ll drop right back out of your hand within seconds. If not by any of the intelligently woven and rebellion-awakening lyrics singer Dijorio spits at you in his usual unique and distinct manner, it’ll either be by the dooming bass tone Anthony Altamura adds to it, sounding like a whole thunderstorm that constantly hovers over you or the band’s British maniac Craig Reynolds, who lays down some of the most inspired drum fills that you’ve ever heard. How producer Will Putney managed to cram all of these elements together and make them sound as huge as they are and not have any of it drown in the mix is a technical miracle.

There’s not a single boring moment on ‘Internal Atomics’. Stray From The Path are the kings of rebellious and confrontational hardcore, and dethroning them is a mission best left untried. Just listen to Dijorio when he ends the record with a final, spine-chilling scream of “The choice is yours, change the world.”