Release Date: January 10th 2020
Label: Brilliant Emperor Records
Website: None available
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Originating from Brisbane, Australia, Snorlax is the pet project of Brendan Auld, who has thus far a full album and one demo under his belt in this guise. Now we can see if experience pays off in this second LP, ‘II’.

Beginning with a tirade of confrontational black-thrash metal, ‘Infernal Devourment’ writhes and reels in torment, with bellowing vocals and reticent riffs that ward away any passers by strolling off the beaten path.

Snapping at the heels, ‘The Resin Tomb’ further pushes the envelope in a rapid interchange of vocalisations, with Matthew Budge providing a visceral edge of screams to intensify an already dramatic and energetic burst of riling chaos.

Combining the styles of the two previous tracks, ‘The Chaos Ov Iron Oppression’ ratchets up the intensity and adds in sections of unpredictable brief drops of doom metal to keep the variety building in an onslaught of constant hellish brutality.

Extending the format into progressive realms, ‘Mind Ov Maggots’ features an eerie introduction of distant distorted guitars that has been utilised by metalcore pioneers Converge before spiralling into another gut punch of cataclysmic riffs that drive into the core of the psyche.

The final two tracks repeat the same formula of distant doom metal, and, while there are moments of inspiring aggression, the whole thing starts to become so thrash that it’s a mess of instruments and echoing vocals without a coherent core to stabilise it.

Snorlax has many promising areas to explore, but at the moment is a purist’s paradise of what a black-doom metal band should be. The odd trick and twist further here or there with a great juxtaposition of clean sections could further endear this project to a wider audience.