ALBUM REVIEW: Sløtface – Sorry For The Late Reply

Release Date: January 31st 2020
Label: Nettwerk/Propeller Recordings


Following on from the success of 2017’s ‘Try Not To Freak Out’, Norwegian outfit Sløtface are back with their highly-anticipated sophomore offering, ‘Sorry For The Late Reply’.

The band are renowned for their unique blend of underground punk whilst highlighting important subject matters, and opener ‘S.U.C.C.E.S.S.’ delivers this seamlessly. It’s a raucous tongue-in-cheek number surrounding feminism, with the screaming introductory line “Why be good enough when you could be a success?” oozing this badass aesthetic that has led them to their own success so far.

From here, ‘Sorry For The Late Reply’ really mellows out and turns itself into more of a pop record, but one of the best qualities that Sløtface possess is the skill to pen some intelligently written lyrics, so this softer approach really lends itself to the album.

‘New Year, New Me’ is an amusing little dig at all of the lies we tell ourselves about the start of a new year, guaranteeing there’ll be at least one line that you agree with, whether it’s “Hoarding books I’ll never read” or “Dolling out advice I’d never take”. This relatability of Sløtface‘s music makes itself present throughout, and really forms a connection between band and listener.

Incorporating themes that are personal or global issues is something this quartet do extremely well, almost turning each track into its own unique story, but not once coming across as preachy. ‘Sink Or Swim’ is cleverly written, depicting the damage that we’re causing to our oceans and the effects of climate change. Vocalist Haley Shea choses to sing about the day-to-day things that we all notice, with its impactful chorus “This is not the Fall I was expecting / Warm winds / It’s too warm for October”. It would’ve been very easy just to lay this song out as facts on such an important global crisis, but instead Shea wants us to notice these small subtle changes are the ones we should be taking note of.

Flipping to topics of a more personal nature, ‘Stuff’ deals with a relationship breakdown, but, again, instead of the usual emphasis of the people involved it instead looks at these miscellaneous items around the home, and how eventually they hold no memories anymore. Shea uses her cleverly penned witty lyrics throughout the entire album, but “For a self-claimed anti-consumerist / You sure did leave me with a lot of it / It’s just stuff” adds a real sense of humour and realism to the situation.

It’s safe to say that Sløtface are a band who could successfully break out with ‘Sorry For The Late Reply’. They use their stage to be activists as well as musicians, standing up for what’s important. Although this record is a shift in what they’ve released previously, it’s powerful, and if they’re not already then Sløtface are a band that should be on your radar for 2020.