ALBUM REVIEW: Sleepsculptor – Sleepsculptor

Release Date: July 3rd 2020
Label: Silent Pendulum Records
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How far can you push the boundaries of aggression and diversity without becoming a mad ball of intelligible riffs and crashing cymbals? Sleepsculptor aim to show us in their self-titled effort.

Careering down the highway, ‘Subliminal Ritual’ ominously opens with dissonant guitar riffs and building rhythms that menace with extreme intent before barrelling in with snapping snarls from Ben Pypiak and Hunter Derr. Flitting between deathly roars not that much different from Emmure‘s Frankie Palmeri and visceral screams, their aim is to make sure that you stand up and pay attention to every single utterance.

Rattling the cages, ‘Failsafe’ is a maniacal ball of pent up aggression, released in a tirade of chaotic distorted riffs that effectively deliver a gut punch of madness that twists and turns with each passing second. Featuring guests vocals from Cody Canning (Depreciator), there are plenty of voices as the dual vocalists turn to a trio of rioting pranksters setting the streets alight with their declarations.

Jack-knifing at every possible turn, ‘A Moonlit Cleansing’ jitters with stop-start rhythms that open out to ringing guitars to add a nice dimension of breathing space to an action packed assault on the senses. Including distant haunting synths, it displays the band’s dexterity to add in as many facets as possible to their armoury of weapons.

Ratcheting up the intensity, ‘Water Under The Bridge’ pounds with combined kick pedals and guitar breakdowns that relentlessly hammer in the listener’s face that this is the end of everything and there is no escape. There are as many flitting guitar noises as furores of roaring bass lines to ensure that the variety is kept at a maximum throughout, and even the track lengths are kept short and concise blasts of raucous energy.

Sleepsculptor‘s self-titled effort is definitely a masterclass of combining hardcore’s most toxic elements and metalcore’s fury to produce a maddening experience of ultimate chaoticism.