ALBUM REVIEW: Skillet – Victorious

Release Date: August 2nd 2019
Label: Atlantic Records


It’s very rare these days for a band to stay together for ten years, let alone release ten albums. After nearly a quarter of a century, Skillet have done just that.

On their tenth album, ‘Victorious’, the Memphis Christian rockers have promised a collection of “fight songs”. Vocalist/bassist John Cooper told that he wanted to let people know that “you can be victorious through the trials of life, but life is going to suck sometimes.”

‘Legendary’ opens the album with an ominous synth line, and when the guitar kicks in, it feels like a punch to the back of the head. The exchange in words between Cooper and drummer/vocalist Jen Ledger is perfectly in sync, and the chorus line, “Never gonna keep me down / Never keep me down” encapsulates the type of fight song promised.

The title-track opens with strings that sound like the opening theme to a fantasy series, adding an epic melodic line to the thundering guitars and drums. The chorus is one of the most anthemic that you’ll hear this year for sure. By contrast, ‘This Is The Kingdom’ offers a poppier, catchier track, like a metal version of Panic! At The Disco. It features some awe-inspiring soaring melodies, with some heavy guitars lightly mixed into the synths.

‘Save Me’ brings a Linkin Park-style piano with some ominous static sound effects and synth drums in the background, before a heavy guitar riff kicks in. The song builds to an aggressive chorus, before turning back to the pounding intro.

‘Back To Life’ closes the album with a bang. The powerful guitar riff blasts through your speakers, paired with the pounding drums. This is possibly the heaviest that the album gets, with the ending of the song perfectly capping the entire experience off.

With ‘Victorious’, we definitely get the fight songs that we were promised.