ALBUM REVIEW: Siamese – Super Human

Release Date: May 24th 2019
Label: Long Branch Records
Website: None available


With the current trend of pop influenced metalcore, the main issue is the shoehorned techniques of either genre being incorporated. This is not the case for Siamese; the Danish group comfortably straddle the line between rock and pop music.

By having a fully committed attitude, the blend of styles works well on the band’s fifth full-length, ‘Super Human’, the follow-up to 2017’s ‘Shameless’.

Tightly composed, the energetic pace of each track creates impactful choruses and strong melodies that warrant a second listen. Tracks such as ‘Super Human’ play with electronic beats and rapped vocals before launching into a driving chorus, thanks to Andreas Kruger‘s effective choice of chords.

The same can be said for ‘You’re Not Alone’, which fuses chunky guitar and snappy drums with floating synths and glitched samples. Holding the intercepting melodies together is vocalist Mirza Radonjica who, with a contemporary pop inflection to his voice, delivers solid hooks throughout.

Whilst the guitars don’t dominate the record, when tracks like ‘Give Me Up’ unleashes its angular riff, it packs a punch. The same can be said for ‘Ocean Bed’, which works with stop-start chords and jagged synths. Boasting a lunging breakdown, the song naturally moves towards the heavier side of the spectrum instead of forcing the technique to sit alongside the catchy choruses.

Whilst the group deliver a collection of strong tracks, there are still moments where their vision doesn’t quite translate. Opener and lead single ‘B.A.N.A.N.A.S.’ sees the group attempt to inject Gwen Stefani throwbacks into a track that just doesn’t warrant their inclusion. The same can be said for their cover of ‘Party Monster’, which, though a relatively faithful adaption of The Weeknd, falls into latter day Punk Goes Pop category.

Picking up the momentum is ‘Unified’, a track that not only shows off Joakim Stilling‘s stomping drum beats, but also sees violinist Christian Hjort Lauritzen take over the bridge to satisfying results.

Ending the record with ‘Not Coming Home’, we see the group firing on all cylinders. Delivering catchy vocal sections, twisting guitars, and an industrial flavour to its chorus, the track serves as a perfect end to the album.

Whilst ‘Super Human’ is not a perfect record, it is an enjoyable one. With a committed approach, Siamese have created an album that captures their energy and their willingness to think outside of the box.