ALBUM REVIEW: Shinedown – Attention Attention

Release Date: May 4th 2018
Label: Atlantic Records


With every release, Florida’s Shinedown have been on a steady rise up the ranks. ‘Attention Attention’, the band’s sixth studio album, is another solid hard rock record, but you can’t help but feel that at this point in their career they’re sticking to their tried and tested formula just a little too much.

Nearly every song on this record includes blocky synths, acoustic guitars and pop vocals that interchange with heavy powerful chords on the guitar, accompanied by safe drums.

One track that’s a certain stand out is ‘Kill Your Conscience’, which possesses a swinging off beat feel that almost throws you off guard for a few seconds before you get into the thick of it. It may kick off with the aforementioned same-y synths, but it also possesses a punk and almost Rage Against The Machine vibe and feel to the pre-choruses where everything picks up and feels quite tense.

Another track that will give you a break from the expected Shinedown is ‘Evolve’. Rather than slowly winding you in with a slow electronic, effect ridden intro and leaving you waiting, it kicks you in the teeth with this sinister synth backed distorted guitars and raging riff. It’s a nice head banging, heavy track on a somewhat formulaic, tedious album.