Release Date: February 28th 2020
Label: Lxrd Records/Island Records


Long story short, ‘SCARHXURS’ is a perfect example of quantity over quality; eighteen tracks of incessant, high-pitched screaming is one exhausting piece of work to listen to.

At no point does Scarlxrd calm down or give you any time to rest your ears, or even hear any attempt at changing his unflinchingly rigid blueprint. Harsh, distorted bass tracks and incoherent words being thrown at you constantly interrupt any kind of thought that could form in your mind.

This is his tenth album in only four years and his fourth in the space of 12 months – honestly, who wouldn’t run out of ideas with that much output in such a short time? Each previous release wasn’t just a short EP, but usually packed with an average of sixteen songs, which makes the whole thing even more crazy.

While this sort of style has definitely set Scarlxrd apart from other trap metal artists, it’s now fast becoming his curse. Without any balance of different vocal styles, the screams start to sound emotionless and insincere, and with it the initial anger disappears in a monotone screech. Even (somewhat) slower songs such as ‘DARK KNIGHT.’ fail to bring much variety to the record as a whole, and, while the instrumentals do resemble a ballad-like track, his screams sound the exact same as they do on any other song.

Ironically enough, the piece with the most musical balance in it is ‘YXU’RE TXX ANGRY’, which portrays a more playful back and forth of the electronic beats and his vocal offerings. Sadly, even then, it gets a bit overshadowed by questionable production.

After all, the essence is still and will always be there, but a slow down of the process is needed. More time spent on letting tracks evolve, rather than pumping out everything as quickly as possible solely to put out anything at all, should be a priority for Scarlxrd at this point.