Release Date: February 5th 2021
Label: Lxrd Records


On ‘DXXM II’, Scarlxrd‘s twelfth album, the trap metal artist continues to add to his already extensive catalogue with mixed results.

Opening with a thrash tinged riff and sub heavy beats, ‘Apxcalypse’ touches on all of the hallmarks of Scarlxrd‘s sound with slight deviations added for good measure. Jumping between rapid couplets and overlapping vocals, Scarlxrd continues to refine his blend of trap and metal.

Whilst its predecessor have shown flourishes of expansion, ‘Kill Xr Be Killed’ and ‘Leeches!!!’ comfortably settles back into the expected Scarlxrd formula. Granted the hooks have become tighter and the syncopated rapping packs a punch, but ultimately both tracks could fall into any of his records.

Whilst the majority of the first half of ‘DXXM II’ relies on chugging guitars and trap heavy flows, ‘Ngafiyd’ (short for ‘Nobody Gives A Fuck If You Die’) and ‘Evil Egx’ play with samples, low growls, and nu-metal tones to help the tracks become highlights. That being said, as with previous records, there are a lot of songs that repeat the formula and ultimately dilute the impact of the album as a whole.

As we reach the second half, Scarlxrd brings more hip-hop elements into play, with ‘Natural Selectixn’ swinging between chunky guitars and smooth strings to create a welcome change of tone. The same can be said of ‘Utxpia = Mass Genxcide’, as Scarlxrd begins to push his genre bending sound further.

As the record nears its end, Scarlxrd embraces more experimentation to create a strong run of tracks. From the grime infused ‘Red Light’ and its dub heavy bass line, to the sample stitching ‘Get Him!’, ‘DXXM II’ begins to expose additional layers to Scarlxrd‘s sound.

Concluding with ‘Gx Kill Yxurself’, wonky synths, snapping beats, and a simple yet abrasive hook, Scarlxrd may lean back into old patterns and techniques, but does so with a fevered delivery. With the tonal break given by its preceding tracks, ‘DXXM II’ ends with a burst of aggression and in an abrupt manner.

Yet again, ‘DXXM II’ proves that quality not quantity is key, and whilst Scarlxrd may be known for an extremely prolific output, ultimately the record becomes uneven. Whilst there are some strong moments to be found, ‘DXXM II’ doesn’t add much progression to Scarlxrd‘s stacked catalogue.

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