ALBUM REVIEW: Scale The Summit – Subjects

Release Date: June 25th 2021
Label: Unsigned


Despite losing two founding members, Scale The Summit have continued on under the watch of Chris Letchford, who has become a savant in the guitar world for his technical ability and prowess. Now, with a full line-up and some help from a few friends, they have introduced vocals to their normally instrumental focus in ‘Subjects’.

There is only one word for the opener, ‘Form And Finite’, and that word is epic. It interlaces technical metal with layers of progressive riffs into a brilliantly polished piece. Mike Semesky (Raunchy, ex-Intervals, ex-The HAARP Machine) takes up vocal duties, and does a superb job of matching the varied background with a clean and inspiring forefront.

The beautifully serene ‘Land Of Nod’ sees Courtney LaPlante (Spiritbox, ex-iwrestledabearonce) deftly craft a balance between peace and the shadows haunting around the corner, matched by Letchford‘s guitar work which ranges from delicate instrumentals to grandiose solos.

Not afraid to put the pedal to the metal, ‘A New Way’ sees blasts of rapid riffs against rhythmic grooves. It’s a great up change of tone and there is always that gradual build up of aggression that’s a unique part of their sound.

Nothing is ever a straight-forward routine or following a linear path for Scale The Summit. In ‘Dissemble’, rhythmic bass lines from Mark Michell are danced across with flitting complex riffs and scales which ensure that there’s a constant depth of variety.

Having recruited expert talent to add an extra layer to their ever growing talent and presence, on ‘Subjects’ we see Scale The Summit prove that they can do it all. From instrumentals to concept songs, Scale The Summit are one of the shining talents across the spectrum of heavy music.