ALBUM REVIEW: Royal Republic – Club Majesty

Release Date: May 31st 2019
Label: Nuclear Blast Records


Sweden’s best-dressed rockers Royal Republic are back with their fifth album, ‘Club Majesty’. The band, who are usually known for their rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic, have instead experimented with a whole mix of genres and decades to produce this latest release.

The record is mostly driven by a poppy 80s vibe, which works as the constant undercurrent running from start-to-finish, creating a record full of dancey tunes, and it evidently goes to show that ‘Club Majesty’ has been a labour of love and meticulously executed throughout.

Opening track, ‘Fireman And Dancer’, paves the way for the theme of the album perfectly. The repetitive guitar riff and introductory scream within the first ten seconds almost gives the sensation you’re about to witness a live show. There’s even the addition of a saxophone, taking Royal Republic to a new level of sound, and come as a continuous occurrence throughout the album which ties in each track beautifully.

One of the standout tracks here is ‘Boomerang’. With its insanely catchy chorus, you’ll find yourself stuck with the song in your head for hours. It’s filled with a real sense of 80s nostalgia, and the band’s use of “spinning around” to describe the boomerang gives a throwback feeling to the Dead Or Alive dancefloor filling classic, ‘You Spin Me Right Round’.

‘Blunt Force Trauma’ mixes up the decades with a bass line full of 70s funk, and vocalist Adam Grahn executes his talents with an epic high note, which, combined with the contagious beat, makes for an almost perfect track. Just through listening to this record you can feel the band’s presence, and it’s very reminiscent of fellow Swedes The Hives or even Franz Ferdinand.

Although the album is primarily full of dancey numbers, a song that provides the more conventional Royal Republic sound is ‘Like A Lover’. It still feels like an 80s hit, but more comparable to that of a classic rock band. It’s got an air to it that’s a little dark and seductive, with tantalising lyrics to seriously draw you in whilst never deterring away from the overall vibe of the album whatsoever.

Royal Republic have evidently created eleven songs for fans to lose themselves within. There’s not a single slow track, just pure guilt-free pleasures one after the other, and it’s an absolute joy to listen too. It’s the perfect getaway to escape from real life for a little while.

Although ‘Club Majesty’ isn’t exactly what the quartet are predominantly known for, it’s proved to be one that should pay off for the band. It’ll be interesting to see where they take it from here.