ALBUM REVIEW: Royal Blood – Typhoons

Release Date: April 30th 2021
Label: Warner Records


With one of this year’s most anticipated albums, Royal Blood have enjoyed teasing fans with the promise of ‘Typhoons’ for a while now. The duo have taken rock music by storm since their self-titled debut back in 2014, and the buzz has never quite died down. In fact, with ‘Typhoons’, people have been practically bursting with excitement, and it’s Royal Blood‘s hefty job to live up to the hype.

The album’s opening track and lead single is the anthemic ‘Trouble’s Coming’. It’s cool, catchy, and a fantastically exciting start to the album, and after just one listen, it’s obvious where the hunger for this album began. The track rumbles through its verses towards an ear-worm of a chorus, and is the perfect introduction to the third wave of Royal Blood.

Perhaps more so than any of their other releases, ‘Typhoons’ is heavily influenced by pop and more commercial music. Though the head bangers among their fanbase might not enjoy this quite as much, if anything, it’s a gigantic step in the right direction. Royal Blood have always been masters of hooks and riffs, but that’s now combined with playful pop music that injects life into the album. ‘Oblivion’ has a feel of Don Broco‘s ‘Automatic’ album about it, featuring almost disco-esque vocals, while ‘Limbo’ is a fast-tempo, high-energy number that will be the soundtrack to many nights out.

It’s not a total pop-fest, however, and there’s still plenty of grit in Royal Blood‘s arsenal. ‘Who Needs Friends’ has a darker, grungier vibe than its predecessors, but it still makes you want to swing your hips and bop your head. Similarly, ‘Boilermaker’ is a grower with a moodier undertone that intensifies after each new play, and, before you know it, you’re singing every word of the chorus on repeat. It feels earthy and underground, but with the polish of an experienced band.

The standout of the album is, expectedly, the title-track. It’s probably one of Royal Blood‘s best songs to date, and with their brief but strong back-catalogue that’s saying something. It’s got the hard-hitting simplicity of their early releases, but with an incredibly infectious bridge that builds up to a brilliant sing-along chorus that’s unbelievably catchy, and is another great example of pop blended with their trademark riffs. To cut to the chase, it’s an absolute banger.

With ‘Typhoons’ and all of its glory, fans should be grinning ear to ear. Royal Blood are back, and they have delivered better than ever before.

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