ALBUM REVIEW: Revulsion – Enough To Bleed

Release Date: April 3rd 2020
Label: BDHW Records
Website: None available


Glaswegian metallic hardcore quintet Revulsion have one goal: to create the most aggressive, raw and heavy music possible.

The band’s debut full length, ‘Enough To Bleed’, is exactly that and comes in as one of the aggressive releases of 2020 so far. This is ten tracks of relentless, balls to the wall metal that sets the bar for the entirety of the UK scene.

Opener ‘Enough To Feel’ hits like a sledgehammer, instantly providing an insight into the blood-soaked mayhem that is to follow. Psychotic riffs, cut-throat percussion, and sadistically brutal vocals transcend this track into the absolute monster that it is – a fitting soundtrack to a serial killer stalking their prey.

‘Dirt’ is haunting from the get-go, with its glitchy intro and guttural instrumentation that squirms its way into harrowing breakdowns and mosh-inducing moments consistently. ‘In Darkness’ takes things up a notch, with faster tempos, visceral blast beats, and skull-crushing guitar work, and ‘Antaganism’ opens with frantic Slipknot-esque guitars and chaotic vocal deliveries, showcasing some of the record’s heaviest moments.

The band’s self-titled track is two minutes of enthralling chaos, helmed ferociously by the line “Revulsion, motherfucker!”, which is set to get arms and legs swinging all over the UK whilst also serving as an album highlight, defining everything the band are about. ‘Conflagration’ is a piercingly devilish track that’s easily the hardest-hitting of the album, with its gritty atmosphere, violent vocals, and hell-spawned breakdowns across the board.

As the title suggests, ‘Distress’ is yet another freakishly barbaric offering, taking what we’ve already heard into a dark hole and torturing it to death. Here, Revulsion take us down a nightmare-fuel path of destruction that could make an endless array of metal bands seem like The Wiggles in comparison.

‘The Reckoning Noise’ and ‘The Pain Process’ are both devastatingly anarchic, providing the perfect ear-battering conclusion to the beast that is ‘Enough To Bleed’.

This is a must-listen for any fan of heavy music, and despite Revulsion currently being a relatively unknown band outside of the hardcore community, they’re deserving of all the success coming their way.