ALBUM REVIEW: Realize – Machine Violence

Release Date: October 9th 2020
Label: Relapse Records
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Choosing to take on the world on his own, Kyle Kennedy produced, recorded, and wrote Realize‘s first release, ‘Demolition’. Now joined by guitarists Matt Underwood and Matt Mutterperl, we’ll see if they can re-kindle the waning world of industrial metal on ‘Machine Violence’.

Beginning with a tirade of heavy industrial metal, ‘Alone Against The Flames’ grinds with shuddering bass lines and thrashing riffs that are an odd mix that’s as steadfast as it is confrontational and is sure to frighten away any light hearted souls.

Building in intensity and terror, ‘Melted Base’ is a furore of straight up metalcore intensity featuring the roaring chords of Underwood, who manages to keep the noise blaring direct into our faces without falling into complete disarray. It climaxes with reverberating vocals from Kennedy that are intelligible, but lack anything other than a constant one dimensional expression that doesn’t vary between one or track the others.

Tempering to groove realms, ‘Hypermech’ transports us back to the early days of Fear Factory‘s ‘Concrete’ with a face melting blast of drudging distortion and pounding rhythms that are straight-forward and effectively delivered.

Wailing with screams synths and electronic noise, ‘Disappear’ continues with its no frills onslaught, and sticks to the tried and tested formula of heavy distortion that starts to become plain and stale rather than introducing breaks or a brief solo to keep the variety flowing.

The only speck of light in the darkness comes in closing track, ‘Heavy Legs In The Mansion’, which finally introduces acoustic guitars and distorted voices that’s an odd closer as they haven’t been utilised or referenced anywhere else.

This definitely needs an expansion into adjacent genres or inventive ideas that may please the purist fan harking for the days of industrial’s underground dominance, but in today’s climate ‘Machine Violence’ fairs as being average and a little plain.