ALBUM REVIEW: Raised Fist – Anthems

Release Date: November 15th 2019
Label: Epitaph Records


Hardcore legends Raised Fist have returned with their seventh record, ‘Anthems’, and it turns out that they couldn’t have picked a more fitting title for it.

If you’ve never given Raised Fist the time of day before, getting to know that their name originated from lyrics for a Rage Against The Machine song should give you quite a good frame for the lot already.

Every single track on this album sounds huge from front-to-end, with the production definitely being a standout point, and Raised Fist haven’t lost any of the power despite being at it for twenty-six years already. Rager ‘Seventh’ is by far the biggest song on the record, and without a doubt anthem-worthy. Ironically, the title-track doesn’t really make it into the top as it loses a lot of intensity during its rather weak verses.

While pieces such as ‘Polarized’ and ‘Shadows’ slow down the pace of it all, they mostly manage to keep things engaging with the power of the lyrics rather than the instrumental side of it. There are even some clean vocals involved that might throw you off for a second. Well, it’s still Alexander Hagman, being basically unrecognisable due to his usually so very distinct screams.

“We felt like we created a masterpiece” Hagman proudly stated about ‘Anthems’, even before its release. Considering how Raised Fist still keep on improving and are as angry and rebellious as ever, he might just be right about that.