ALBUM REVIEW: Quiet Lions – Absenteeism

Release Date: June 14th 2019
Label: Lonely Voyage Records


Up-and-comers Quiet Lions have been described in the past as “the best of Brighton”, and even BBC Radio 1 simply called them “just ace”, and they’ve set out to indisputably back these praises to their name with their debut album, ‘Absenteeism’.

After an ominous opening track, the band kick right into gear with ‘Echo Chamber’, a five-minute long blast of fun that passes by in a flash. Following number ‘Broken Bed Of Stone’ hits equally as hard, and before we know it we’re onto ‘Arc Of The Horizon’, a song that feels very harsh and urgent, and heavier than some of the other tracks on offer here.

‘Field Of Influence’ turns down the tone of the record slightly. It’s slower and lighter than the others, but in the last quarter the track lets loose into an anthemic ending. ‘Epitaph’ has a lighter feel, but has the paranoid urgency that the aforementioned ‘Arc Of The Horizon’ also held, and then gets heavier towards the end.

The album ends with ‘Powerless At Sea’, which starts as a simple lament; just a guitar paired perfectly with a vocal harmony before the tension begins to build and swell as the drums enter, finally climaxing with a massive anthemic chorus.

Quiet Lions have proven their worth with ‘Absenteeism’. The heavy guitars paired with the haunting vocal harmonies and overall ominous tone creates a heavy yet catchy sound that’s unique. BBC Radio 1 might’ve undersold Quiet Lions; they’re more than “just ace”, they’re bloody amazing.