ALBUM REVIEW: PUSH! – darkdive.

Release Date: February 8th 2019
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available


After extensive touring and two releases under their belt, Portuguese five-piece PUSH! have for us ‘darkdive.’. Comprised of eleven tracks, the record fuses hardcore punk and thrash metal effortlessly, creating a record that’s as relentlessly tough as nails.

Taking equal influence from bands like Madball and Metallica, the LP displays crushing breakdowns and furious speed with conviction. After the grove led breakdown and abrupt end of its punishing introduction, the group deliver on their promise with ‘Free At Last’.

As vocalist Nuno Cruz bellows “Free at last”, the band launch into rhythmic guitars and a stomping verse before ringing chords give space, allowing the forthcoming chorus to percussively hammer home the track’s hook. As it progresses, hints of the group’s ambition are shown, with the pace continuing to slow down and ramp up instead of merely letting the bridge play out.

Whilst Cruz‘s passionate delivery takes away any chance of pretension within the music, every member brings in elements to ensure that the record doesn’t stagnate. Bassist Andre Paiva leads the charge during the likes of ‘With Love’, and holds down the groove in ‘Ground Floor’ to elevate the track.

Guitarists Roberto Cebolas and Ricardo Servo take multiple influences and skewer them throughout the record, with harmonising scale runs supplementing the spikey chords in ‘Pitfall’, to country style instrumentation on ‘Left With Memories’; the latter of the two creating a soft break with a collection of punishing tracks.

PUSH!‘s attention to dynamics and structure is what allows ‘darkdive.’ to stay clear from monotony. By having elements jump in and out of sections alongside unexpected accents being utilised throughout, the record continues to maintain a strong pace. They may now have a chance to break through into the main pack of their peers.