ALBUM REVIEW: Point North – Brand New Vision

Release Date: August 21st 2020
Label: Hopeless Records
Website: None available


Following a thrust into larger crowds with a casual cover of nothing,nowhere.‘s ‘Hammer’ a couple of years ago, Point North have lifted their heads above the overflowing scene and have ridden the emo rap wave to more promising shores.

Fittingly named Brand New Vision is the first album released post-rebirth. It’s traditional pop-punk wrapped up with a hip-hop bow, echoing the style of genre contemporaries like Waterparks.

Straight off the bat, Point North introduce us to some big-named friends. Labelmate De’Wayne joins them for the opener and title-track, while Kellin Quinn‘s (Sleeping With Sirens) unmistakeable vocals compliment that of frontman Jon Ludin in the anthemic ‘Into The Dark’.

The album’s midsection is a rich musical tapestry, seamlessly weaving together tracks that can each stand independently. A thread runs from the watery ‘A Million Pieces’, passes through the sharp-edged ‘Lethal’, to the dark yet jovial ‘Heartbeat’ and beyond. Acting as the token slow song, ‘Distant’ is the most drastic change of tone, creating the airy feeling of laying down in the centre of a cool cave.

‘Be The Same’ is a bittersweet pop send-off with an ironic message. Stylistically, it’s the track most reminiscent of previous releases, and whilst the title suggests a desire to retain this, Ludin shuns stagnation by repeatedly belting “I don’t want to be the same”. It’s a heart-warming homage to the past that simultaneously makes peace with change and actively welcomes it.

Point North have come too far to turn back now. With a debut so seamless, this new future looks very promising for the Californian trio.