ALBUM REVIEW: Pillory – Scourge Upon Humanity

Release Date: December 11th 2020
Label: Unique Leader Records
Website: None available


Formerly a fully fledged band, Pillory is now a project boiled down to a single member, Darren Cesca, who takes on all roles and instruments to put out his creative purpose. What gifts can we experience now with ‘Scourge Upon Humanity’?

Beginning with a dissonant shroud of off-kilter beats and riffs, on ‘Depleted Mortal Prosperity’ it seems like Pillory literally burnt the rule book, ate it, and then disposed of it through an appropriate human orifice that makes for a confusing, yet curious introduction. You don’t quite know whether to applaud or appal this amount of chaoticism.

Taking a note out of Despised Icon‘s book, ‘Diluted Existence’ squeals with animalistic noises and hardcore roars. Cesca commands a consistently visceral and brutal range to batter any message straight into the neural pathways of any brain.

Lurking around in the darkness of an alleyway, ‘Emanate Deprecation’ opens with ominous atmospheric synths that are quickly dispatched in a straight edge assault of metalcore riffs that are savagely blended with mathcore timings and rampant bass lines. Like the overall production, it unfortunately lacks a deeper depth of boom to really hit like a full wall of sound.

Dealing away with complexity, ‘Our Wretched Divinity’ is a straight up assault of thrash that, with a few disjointed hooks, is a high point in this constant onslaught. The longer sections of guitars allow the head to actually bang rather than guess where the next beat or dive drop is about to come from.

Finally reaching epic realms, closing track ‘Terminus’ is a cataclysmic furore of rhythmic riffs that would terminate anything in its path. An impactful pound of each beat makes for the most dramatic and intense experience for any listener to endure. The only falling point is that it closes out for a long time with cacophony of electrical noises and synths.

‘Scourge Upon Humanity’ does have a good depth of variety and chaoticism, but it’s just at that point that it’s just too much to handle in one single serving and the straight up thrash is certainly the most accomplished aspect amidst the rampant mathcore stops and starts.