ALBUM REVIEW: Pengshui – Pengshui

Release Date: February 21st 2020
Label: MVKA
Website: None available


For a band who are still pretty new on the scene, London trio Pengshui have already made quite the impression. Since winning the Kerrang! Fresh Blood competition for an opening slot at Download Festival last year to headlining their first tour, it’s hard to believe that they’re only just releasing their debut album.

Opener ‘Wickedest Ones’ doesn’t hold back as an introduction to what this band are all about, establishing their unique blend of punk and grime with a touch of every genre in between whilst still creating a record that you can easily sing along to.

Transitioning into ‘Nobody Cares’, this is easily one of the standout tracks on offer. It unveils the band’s metal roots with its much heavier vocals, and it’s clear this is going to be a crowd pleaser, with the repetitive “Round and round we go” just begging for every circle pit to open at live shows.

Although there are twelve tracks on offer here, four of them are very clever little interludes which break up the record momentarily. Each coming in around a minute long, they allow for this brief pause between tracks and make the whole album flow seamlessly from start-to-finish, with each encompassing something a little different from dubstep to drum and bass.

Another highlight, ‘No Joke’, is the perfect example of what this talented trio have to offer. Instrumentally, it’s the heaviest on the record, oozing this Rage Against The Machine drum beat whilst their reckless attitude to condoning to genre normalities is really what makes them stand out from other up-and-coming artists. They’ve produced a refreshingly new and exciting dose of hardcore grime which just works so well.

One of the impressive feats on Pengshui‘s debut LP is the collaborations that they’ve created. ‘Wiseman’ includes grime artist Footsie, combined with frontman Illaman‘s vocals and an intriguingly heavy ominous beat very similar to an Enter Shikari bass line, it really ramps up this track to a whole new level.

Whereas ‘Lights Out’ pairs with Vulgatron and instead mixes up raucous vocals with a hip-hop beat, creating an unruly mix which on paper shouldn’t work, but the way that they blur these genre lines so smoothly just showcases the talent that this band possess.

If Pengshui are new to your world then sit up and take note, as this is a trio who are going to do incredible things. Merging the worlds of rock and grime fans alike, it’s safe to say that there’s a very welcomed gap for them, and we can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next.