Release Date: March 6th 2020
Label: Fat Wreck Chords


Yet more proof that PEARS are one of the most exciting bands in punk these days comes in the form of their self-titled full-length record.

Going for a self-titled effort is always a big step for any band; it’s usually considered the definition of the very essence of the artist when looking back at their discography. Those are the records you go for to get new fans interested, and to give them a base to go from. So, having the courage of dropping such a monumental brick into your career should already be applauded as is, especially when it’s as well done as PEARS‘.

It’ll take at least a few rounds of listening to fully appreciate everything on this record, with some songs manage to slip through and leave little to no impact or lasting memory in your mind. Third time round, you’ll be surprised by something you thought you never heard before, when in reality you simply finally paid attention at the right spot.

‘Traveling Time’ is a prime example for this, as is ‘Rich To Rags’, but when they actually eventually hit, your head won’t stop bopping. Just as well, there are a couple of songs that lay low, no matter how many times you spin them; ‘Zero Wheels’ and ‘Naptime’ could’ve both done with a revisit or a complete scrap. Luckily, PEARS end the record on a strong note with ‘Cynical Serene’ and the outstanding vocal performance on that track.

While it may not be as revolutionary as 2014’s ‘Go To Prison’, PEARS‘ self-titled can hold up its own and is generally a decent representation of the band, and sticking to what you know works for you is not always a bad thing. PEARS seem to have found what they feel comfortable with and created a record out of that comfort zone that holds up to their past releases, while not overshadowing them. That’s a goal for the next one.