ALBUM REVIEW: Patrón – Patrón

Release Date: May 29th 2020
Label: Klonosphere
Twitter: None available


Stepping away from his main focus with Loading Data, Patrón has recruited an all-star cast on his debut solo LP.

Boasting members of Screaming Trees, Kyuss, Mondo Generator, and Danzig, the self-titled release delivers a sleazy and gritty collection of riffs and hooks.

With a grooving and swinging riff to hinge the opening track on, ‘Room With A View’ sets the record’s tone in seconds. Loose, sleazy, and swaggering, the lead single winds around Patrón‘s crooning baritone and doubles down on groove. Simple yet effective, the track utilises its all-star line-up to deliver a solid slab of stoner rock.

The same can be said for follow-up ‘Who Do You Dance For?’, playing with a juddering rhythm, cycling motifs, and hook-laden vocals, Patrón show that they can also move towards commercial areas with ease. With sprinkles of synths and an experimental bridge, the track branches out to other areas within its concise structure.

As the record continues through a collection of bold riffs and catchy choruses, ‘Jump In The Fire’ delivers a stand out moment, with imitable drum fill that leads to a wide and twisting coda, complete with organs and choral based vocal harmonies.

After the laid back groove of ‘The Maker’, ‘Hold Me Tight\ brings a clustered and fever energy to the record. Filled with rolling bass lines and call-and-response vocals, the track plays on Patrón‘s strengths. Yet again, finding the right balance between effortless riffs and psychedelic tendencies, the song proves to be one of the record’s shining highlights.

Whilst the album moves into other territories, such as the country driven ‘Seventeen’, the impact is slightly lost. Whilst there’s a curious charm to the lamenting track, it soon loses its effectiveness.

Ultimately, the record is at its strongest when it sticks to its blueprint, as the stomping and bouncing ‘Around My Neck’ can attest. Brimming with dual vocal hooks and harmonising guitars, the track displays how well versed Patrón is in his niche.

Drenched in groove and adapting a simple yet highly effective formula, Patrón presents his debut solo effort as a record for a niche audience for the most part. Whilst comparisons to other artists can be made, Patrón has a sound locked down and ready.