ALBUM REVIEW: Our Mirage – Unseen Relations

Release Date: February 7th 2020
Label: Arising Empire
Twitter: None available


For the first time in a year, German quartet Our Mirage are blessing our ear drums with the inexplicably chaotic ‘Unseen Relations’, an eleven-track moshfest sprinkled with grit and luminous possibility.

‘Rivers’ kicks into existence first, leading the birth of the LP to be anything but easy. Drums (Daniel Maus) bound between flickering electronic pulses with little to no consideration for the fragility of the listener’s ears, but it’s hardcore to rock without a care, right?

Our Mirage are skilled in ensuring that each track is meticulously badass, pummelling thrilling hooks into their musical backings and expressing no remorse for the sheer velocity of their craft. ‘Different Eyes’ and ‘Unseen’ are no exceptions, harnessing smouldering guitars (Steffen Herz) and driving them to their fullest, sickliest potential, and while they stab below the tracks’ bewitching waves, vocalist Timo Bonner goes to town.

Fierceness and passion burn the edges of the likes of ‘My Last Day’, encouraging the embers to embed themselves into your consciousness. The hooks in these damn songs have no intention of vacating your psyche, and ‘Distant & Obscure’ is inherently guilty of this. Well, almost all of the tracks on this feat possess this quality, as to an extent, they become more blurred and similar the further you delve. But who’s to say that’s a negative?

With exceptions like the refreshingly tranquil ‘Transparent’, wherein Bonner allows his vocal cords respite and his bandmates a break, ‘Unseen Relations’ is veined with originality with regard to its bruises of humanness. Our Mirage tastefully explore the life of their frontman and lyricist in such a way that remains tactfully hopeful.

As the bass (Manuel Möbs) paves the way for the band’s turquoise travels, ‘Unseen Relations’ rightfully opens an entirely regenerative realm for Our Mirage. While, for the most part, the eleven-track is a pretty standard hardcore record, the European outfit bares glitterings of potential, and it’s hugely likely that this will surely flourish. Our Mirage are maturing, and the trajectory’s only increasing from here.