ALBUM REVIEW: Our Last Night – Overcome The Darkness

Release Date: November 8th 2019
Label: Unsigned


Hot on the heels of this year’s ‘Let Light Overcome’, post-hardcore quartet Our Last Night are following it up just a few months later with its companion record, ‘Overcome The Darkness’.

A bold move for any group, risking quantity over quality, the sixth record in their catalogue sees the group grow into their more experimental tendencies.

Opening with liquid keyboard chords and trap inspired beats, ‘When Humans Become Our Gods’ showcases the croon of Trevor Wentworth. Relying on a strong vocal hook and leaning into contemporary pop, the addition of Matt Wentworth‘s guitar leads gives the track a dystopian feel. Peppered with bursts of jagged guitars and building strings, the song works around its simple premise to ensure that it doesn’t outstay its welcome.

Taking cues from industrial and pop in equal measure, ‘Losing Sleep’ plays with its dynamics to create an unexpected twist amidst its catchy chorus. Jumping into bouncing riffs and restrained muted keys with conviction, the track straddles between experimentation and streamlined pop-rock with impressive results.

Whilst the structures of the cuts on offer here may be simple, Our Last Night are at their strongest when working around a solid hook. As shown with ‘Outnumbered’, marking the midway point of the record, the track builds around a pulsing synth and an evolving vocal hook. Boasting a stop start-chorus and a cinematic guitar lead, it keeps adding and removing techniques to its foundations to keep interest.

Arguably the most dynamic song on the record, ‘Hysteria’ runs through ambient verses, jagged pre-choruses, and soaring codas with ease. Showcasing the strongest elements of the group in less than four minutes, it moves past the group’s songwriting ability and reveals the technical proficiency of each member.

Bridging the gap between the two records, ‘Let Light Overcome The Darkness’ is a lyrically driven track and, thanks to Trevor Wentworth‘s delivery, the track serves as a message of hope for its listeners. Minimal but effective, it not only conveys the message of the two records, but also acts as a palate cleanser for ‘The Beaten Path’.

Whilst ‘Overcome The Darkness’ may not break barriers within their soundscape, Our Last Night have created a record that holds up to their catalogue as well as rounding off the ideas approached on its preceding sister LP, ‘Let Light Overcome’.

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