ALBUM REVIEW: Our Last Night – Let Light Overcome The Darkness

Release Date: May 1st 2020
Label: Unsigned


With the unexpected release of two EPs last year, post-hardcore quartet Our Last Night have re-released both ‘Let Light Overcome’ and ‘Overcome The Darkness’ in one package and under one combined title, ‘Let Light Overcome The Darkness’.

Whilst each of those two chunks of material displayed both facets of the quartet’s blend of pop and post-hardcore as separate entities, this amalgamation seeks to blend the two styles together to create a stronger record.

In order to achieve this, the track listing of the record sees an even integration of heavier tracks next to something more hook-laden, such as ‘The Leap’ sitting aside ‘The Beaten Path’. The same can be said for the wildly dynamic one two-punch of ‘When Humans Become Our Gods’ and ‘Every Time Our Earth Shakes’, with the former drenched in glistening synths and a strong focus on vocalist Trevor Wentworth, whilst the latter sees guitarist Matt Wentworth delivering an economic blast of post-hardcore chords.

Another notable addition to this full-length expansion of the two EPs is the acoustic rendition of ‘Lost’, a track that highlights Trevor‘s smooth and crooning delivery as a mesmerising component that can sometimes be overlooked due to the quartet’s streamlined hooks.

Closing the record is a trilogy of remixes, with each of them giving a contemporary pop and trap-flavoured soundscape for the tracks bouncing hooks, and whilst they’re an intriguing addition to the record, ultimately they lead to a lacklustre conclusion.

Whilst ‘Let Light Overcome The Darkness’ does blend the best elements of the group’s previous two releases into one full effort, it doesn’t quite deliver enough new twists and turns to hold up or justify the reason for doing this at all.