ALBUM REVIEW: Our Hollow, Our Home – In Moment // In Memory

Release Date: October 19th 2018
Label: //Hollow Music


Faced with the passing of his father, guitarist Tobias Young has channelled his pain into ‘In Moment // In Memory’, the sophomore release for Our Hollow, Our Home. In doing this, they’ve created an album that’s not afraid to be honest with the grief and pain that death brings.

The record is composed and structured around the Kübler-Ross model, which encompasses the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Each stage is signalled by an interlude that sets the tone for the following concepts, whether that’s in the form of palate cleansing instrumental (‘//Bargaining’) or a condensed representation of the subject matter (‘//Anger’).

Lyrically, the record is unapologetic in its subject matter as shown in the opening moments of ‘//Denial’. The interlude opens with atmospheric samples before a spoken word passage declares, “Love ends in loss for the ones left behind.”

Stylistically, the group take the common tropes of metalcore and subvert them, with both vocalists Connor Hallisey and Young creating disorientating trade-offs on the likes of ‘Disconnect’. Throughout, we’re subjected to uncompromising growls and chants before soaring clean vocals cut through the intensity.

Both Young and guitarist Josh White create thunderous riffs that crash through the compositions, as shown on ‘Weight And Carriage’. Allowing meaty chords to ring before launching into a twisted guitar lead, the track showcases the inventive outlook the two have with the instrument.

Whilst the album’s concept is dictated by its lyrical content, the group haven’t stagnated when it comes to structure or dynamics. ‘Father And Ghost’ is filled with neck snapping riffs, whereas ‘Wraiths’ bursts with circle pit inducing breakdowns.

As the record reaches its final stage of grief, the group shows a new tool in their already impressive arsenal in ‘Parting Gift’. With its melodic leads and acoustic led structure, the track creates a hypnosis before exploding into a devastating final chorus.

‘In Memory’ closes the record with the group’s brand of jagged guitars and throat ripping vocals. As the track nears its bridge, the group are transformed into a different act, boasting stadium width woahs underneath the poignant hook of “You’re with me in my memories.”

Not only does ‘In Moment // In Memory’ cement Our Hollow, Our Home in the running as the next face of UK metalcore, it also tackles the difficult subject and experience of death with stunning precision, emotion, and clarity.

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