ALBUM REVIEW: Our Hollow, Our Home – Burn In The Flood

Release Date: May 28th 2021
Label: //Hollow Music


Following up from the deeply personal and raw ‘In Moment // In Memory’, Our Hollow, Our Home have returned with third full-length, ‘Burn In The Flood’.

Whilst the quintet continue to deliver unflinchingly honest narratives, there’s also a more noticeable sheen to their sound, allowing the tracks to stand out throughout the record.

With a barrage of lurching riffs, pounding drums and synths opening ‘Burn In The Flood’, Our Hollow, Our Home set the tone from the get go. Balancing driving melodies, chugging guitars, and leaning heavier into synthesisers than before, the group simultaneously embrace stadium driven hooks and bone rattling heaviness. The momentum gained from ‘Burn In The Flood’ continues to build with ‘Failsafe’‘s breakdown heavy approach to the group’s more commercially viable soundscape. Complete with double-kick driven bouts of melody and a fast-paced vocal trade-off, the track continues to expand their sound.

By taking a more streamlined approach and injecting a heavy dose of synth led melodies, ‘Burn In The Flood’ helps propel the group to a wider audience without losing their penchant for delivering furious bouts of hardcore and metalcore respectively. ‘In Retrospect’ and ‘Better Daze’ blend both styles perfectly, as the former slides between grinding guitars to a clean driven coda, whilst the latter boasts a mammoth chorus alongside its neck snapping verses.

As we reach the final set of tracks, the quintet continue to push the limits of their sound. ‘Blood’ blends rapping into its already diverse mix of post-hardcore, metalcore, and soft rock, and it takes a big swing by moving so far away from their core sound, one that works but could’ve easily gone either way.

Closing with ‘Seven Years, the group pull focus back to their previous work as they deliver a thick slab of double-kicks, thick guitars, and hook-driven choruses. Again working with trading vocals and atmospheric synths, ‘Seven Years’ concludes the record on a high note.

Our Hollow, Our Home have been refining their sound for close to a decade, and ‘Burn In The Flood’ sees them push past the expected boundaries and create a record that opens them up to a wider audience without feeling contrived.