ALBUM REVIEW: Oceans – The Sun And The Cold

Release Date: January 10th 2019
Label: Nuclear Blast Records


Quickly signing with Nuclear Blast Records last year, Berlin’s Oceans have already hit the ground running. After the release of their ‘Cover Me In Darkness’ covers EP to showcase their blend of death metal, nu-metal, and post-rock, they now offer their debut full-length, ‘The Sun And The Cold’.

As droning chords cut through tentative piano notes, the record creates a cinematic soundscape before launching into a flurry of blast beats and tremolo picking. Showing a strong set of dynamics, vocalist/guitarist Timo Rotten‘s croons float amongst piano melodies and swinging drum beats before growling alongside devastating riffs. Displaying a tight grip on violent power and delicate beauty, Oceans deliver an ambitious and forceful opening track.

Expanding on the hints of metallic melody shown previously, ‘We Are The Storm’ jumps between swimming harmonies and wide choruses to stellar results. Retaining a death metal backbone, growls pepper the hook filled chorus whilst J.F. Grill injects dizzying double kick patterns into the blast beat driven bridge. Sliding into a sludge inspired breakdown, ‘Rotten’ leans into deep guttural techniques, as lead guitarist Patrick Zarske grinds towards a final melodic salvo.

With the tracks on the record dense with influences and dynamics, a wide range of styles of unfurled and thrown into the melting pot of metal that the group have created. From the militant ‘Dark’ dragging elements of nu-metal alongside its crooning chorus to the melancholic ‘Paralyzed’ delivering a subdued moment of restraint, ‘The Sun And The Cold’ wastes no time in pushing death metal further.

Picking the energy back up with the clustered bounce of ‘Take The Crown’, the record delves deeper into bleak soundscapes, beautiful melodies, and crushing riffs with the likes of ‘Shadows’ and ‘Legions Arise’. Continually evolving with each track, the record expands on the quartet’s sound; from the intimate and haunting ‘Polaris’ to the unbridled aggression that permeates ‘Truth Force Fed’, Oceans explore every avenue that they possibly can.

With ‘The Sun And The Cold’, Oceans have crafted a record that delivers multiple elements of heavy music whilst also utilising strong melodic deviations and rapid fire structuring. Oceans have made themselves a bright new name in the world of heavy music, and where they go from here is anyone’s guess.