ALBUM REVIEW: Now, Now – Saved

Release Date: May 5th 2018
Label: Trans- Records/LAB Records


Minnesotan indie rockers Now, Now have released something very special with ‘Saved’, their fresh, modern take on a genre which often finds itself oversaturated and forgettable, by featuring minimalistic instrumentation with subtle electronic nuances.

While calm and stripped back, ‘Saved’ makes sure to play to its strengths, which often includes breathtaking vocals accompanied by either a single acoustic guitar or solo synth melodies.

The album begins with a perfect example of these strengths with the simple strum of a guitar and drum beat driving forward those same intoxicating vocals in the opening track, ‘SGL’. It’s a perfectly selected introduction to the album, featuring some of the catchiest vocal melodies heard in a long time, setting the band up for success, with each song offering up something new and exciting.

The energy offered up at the beginning doesn’t diminish even once, as even during the significantly more laid back ‘Holy Water’, there’s still that drive that makes Now, Now impossible to turn off. The track showcases Now, Now‘s strengths while simultaneously pushing them outside of their comfort zone; frequent lack of instrumentation often leaves vocals vulnerable as any imperfections can no longer be masked by the rest of the band, and throughout the album, these prove to be the most awe-inspiring sections.

This trend is carried on in the record’s titular track, which shows off an arguably unmatched vocal ability which gently carries us through the stripped back composition, leading us into the upbeat ‘Knowme’, which features, once again, some of the catchiest and emotive vocals on this album and any other recent album in memory.

The planet is full of bands who so desperately take themselves too seriously that they sacrifice personality along the way (gone are the days where a band could be both playful and serious), so it’s nice to see musicians that can find that balance. Now, Now have given the world of indie rock something it desperately needed; instead of just giving fans another album, ‘Saved’ breathes new life into a once dull world.