ALBUM REVIEW: Northward – Northward

Release Date: October 19th 2018
Label: Nuclear Blast Records


Some projects start off as part of a home recording situation between a single or duo of artists from varying backgrounds, and others come from individual success and collaboration with similar bands. Started as a simple duo of a guitarist and vocalist, ‘Northward’ unveil their self-titled second album after a significant hiatus.

‘While Love Died’ and ‘Get What You Give’ open the record up with anthemically energetic and riotous rock while interspersed with a mixture of speed changes to ubiquitous choruses of spirited vocals. Using a mixture of uptempo beats, power chords and solo sections, it keeps the enthusiasm at a constant high.

‘Storm In A Glass’ is more of a misnomer for this track. It’s rather a mildly tempered and soft compared to the record’s opener. In fact, it could be more likened to a ‘Storm In A Teacup’; there’s very little to represent the name itself as an aggressive or challenging situation.

Later track ‘Paragon’ reverts to a semi-acoustic stance introducing a juxtaposition and different style to the outright heavy rock stance of some of the tracks. These even then foray back into some heavy guitars to create some breathing spaces in the slower tempo parts.

‘Bridle Passion’ goes even further into acoustic format, creating a simple acoustic piece show casing the vocalists diversity and talent to represent a range of styles. While these are sometimes left as b-sides or bonus tracks, this is included as a main cut of the album. This does contradict some of the earlier lyrics too – they represented a rebellious and riotous start only to follow into a love song.

‘Northward’ starts off with a great amount of energy, but the mixture of different styles get lost in the interchange of different lyrics and styles that could create a more consistent theme throughout the album.