ALBUM REVIEW: New Found Glory – From The Screen To Your Stereo 3

Release Date: May 3rd 2019
Label: Hopeless Records


It’s been almost twenty years since the godfathers of pop-punk, New Found Glory released their first covers album ‘From The Screen To Your Stereo’, which has remained a firm fan favourite along with its 2007 successor.

Given the twelve year wait, it’s no surprise that fans of the band have been itching for a third instalment in the cover album series, and the third addition delivers all of the sing-along movie hits that you could think of.

New Found Glory don’t shy away from covering some of the most epic movie songs of all time for their records, so it’s no surprise to find ‘The Power Of Love’ (by Huey Lewis And The News) from 80s classic Back To The Future in the mix. They have a talent of adding a pop-punk twist on their renditions whilst still managing to keep the integrity of the original foremost. This track sees some serious emphasis on the guitar riffs, and even incorporates the much-loved saxophones to give its unique identity and really hold its own.

Given the long-awaited gap in between these cover records, many films and their soundtracks have come and gone, but everyone can agree that one of the decades most love-to-hate songs has been from the Disney phenomenon Frozen, and, of course, the infectious ‘Let It Go’ has made an appearance.

‘Cups’ comes from the 2012’s Pitch Perfect, a track that doesn’t sound too dissimilar from something you’d expect to hear on a New Found Glory album anyway. It fits with the band’s style perfectly, as does ‘Accidentally In Love’ (by Counting Crows), which featured on the soundtrack of Shrek 2.

The pair standout as the perfect pop-punk love song contributions, which in the past has proven to be a wise choice with their take on ‘Kiss Me’ (by Sixpence None The Richers) still being one of the band’s biggest hits. It’s a shame to some degree that this collection is full of so many huge offerings that it does feel that these two tracks get lost in amongst them.

‘From The Screen To Your Stereo 3’ is everything that we’ve come to want and expect from New Found Glory. When it comes to nailing a covers album, they just know how to do it. Each song gets a new lease of life with a pop-punk twist that just works time and time again. Hopefully these records won’t stop at a trilogy, but let’s just hope we don’t have to wait quite as long for the next one.

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