ALBUM REVIEW: New Found Glory – Forever + Ever x Infinity

Credit: Promo

Release Date: June 19th 2020
Label: Hopeless Records


It’s safe to say that New Found Glory have earned their rightful place as pop-punk veterans. With over twenty years of success, the band are finally hitting a milestone achievement with the release of their tenth full-length record, ‘Forever + Ever x Infinity’.

With a hefty 15 tracks behind it, the album perfectly encapsulates exactly what has cemented this band’s powerful reign within the genre.

‘Shook By Your Shaved Head’ is an exceptionally strong opening track, oozing all of the quintessential New Found Glory nostalgia with its catchy chorus and infectious hooks. It’s the perfect track to lure you back in to this new era of the band.

Transitioning to the album’s lead single, ‘Greatest Of All Time’, though it’s slightly more mature in sound it doesn’t lose any of the energy that the band are renowned for whilst easily becoming a song that will find its way into many a playlist for years to come.

One of the most notable efforts to come from the album is the way in which New Found Glory have approached their tenth effort. Rather than reverting back to a much earlier sound or changing it up completely, they’ve instead picked out an array of successful elements from their entire career and honed in on them throughout the record, which in turn takes the entire album up a gear.

‘Double Chin For The Win’ and ‘Stay Awake’ both encompass that classic sound that rose them to success to begin with, those fun happy-go-lucky love songs reminiscent of their ‘Sticks And Stones’ era which will leave you wanting to go back and reminisce.

Whilst ‘Like I Never Existed’ has an air of angsty pop-punk to it, and feels like 2004’s ‘Catalyst’ along with ‘Nothing To Say’, although the mildly cringy lyrics “You’re so see through, you might as well be a window” does detract from what should be a really great track.

Naturally, over the course of the band’s career, as the members have grown their music has developed an evolution to it as well, something which at times has been a bit hit or miss for them. However, this time round the maturity stems more from the instruments as oppose to the themes which works really well, whether that be in the post-hardcore elements of ‘Himalaya’ or the fast-paced punk infused style of ‘Trophy’.

Falling perfectly in the middle of the album, ‘More And More’ is the only real ballad on offer and acts as an interlude of sorts. Although the band may not be renowned for their slower tracks, their ability to pull on all the right emotions, combining delicately picked guitars with relatable poignant lover letter style songs, is a seriously underestimated talent of theirs.

Another notable standout, ‘Scarier Than Jason Voorhees At A Campsite’ is pop-punk at its finest. Comparing falling in love to a horror movie is relatively comical, combined with the anthemic guitar riffs and Jordan Pundik‘s iconic vocals, the track is New Found Glory summed up in three minutes.

‘Forever + Ever x Infinity’ is as impressive body of work. It feels familiar but also with an air of something new and fresh about it, which is something long-time fans have been waiting for. New Found Glory have exceeded expectations with their tenth album, and it’s fair to say that this latest release is firmly holding their place as pop-punk royalty for a little while longer.