ALBUM REVIEW: Necrot – Mortal

Release Date: August 28th 2020
Label: Tankcrimes
Website: None available


Riding your influences and covering songs is a good way to start a band and gain an audience, but to set yourself apart and rise above the underground is another challenge entirely. Now with their second release, ‘Mortal’, we shall see if Necrot can accomplish such a feat.

For once we have an intro that gets straight to the point; no movie quotes, symphonic choirs or atmospheric synths that leave us questioning the next step forward. Instead we’re treated to riotous thrash riffs that are tempered for a momentary build-up of maniacal tapping strings that launch us face first into a fist full of black metal in ‘Your Hell’.

Keeping up the raucous atmosphere, ‘Dying Life’ flits between building energetic riffs, blasts of short drops and death metal thrashes that keep us guessing at which turn they’re about to take next in this relentless onslaught.

Unfortunately that’s as much variety as we gets as the following tracks stick to a standard formula of black metal and death thrash that near the edge of complete chaos, and throughout there’s a shrieking car alarm of noise in the background that gets unbearable after a while.

The level of production is a bug bear as well. Half of it sounds like it was recorded in the back of a pub or in someone’s garage, with cymbals out of place and rough old school guitar sounds that lack any precision or distinction to separate one or the other.

The one light in the abyssal tide is ‘Sinister Will’, a song that injects a much needed dose of metal grooves laced with punk candour that finally gets the neck muscles pumping to head banging time that even with Luca Indrio‘s constant one-line utterances make for a much better experience.

When a person thinks of classic albums, they are that for a reason. Of course take influence and learn from they did back then, just don’t hold onto the way they did things. Tone up, neaten up, and become the sound they could have been if they had our technology.